Hudson Valley Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

Hi Friends,


I'm Melissa, thanks for visiting my corner of the internet.

Most days you can find me making funny faces at my little lady & teaching fort building classes in my living room, because forts never get old-- even if we do... I am mostly known for my quick-wit and flare for light-hearted sarcasm and people often refer to me as creative and nurturing; (just please don't leave me in charge of plants, all nurture goes out the window with those guys!). In addition to raising my free-spirit of a daughter, I am also passionate about all the 'creative' things, once something piques my interest, it has my whole heart until I learn everything I can about it.

I photograph people who live life genuinely and enjoy sharing their light with the world.  When I'm not busy working on my photography business you can catch me loving on my two rescue pups (Chloe - APBT and Opie - Rat Terrier) while watching hours upon hours of Law and Order, SVU. I enjoy the sport of gum paste flower making and hope and dream of visiting the beautiful lands of Greece and Egypt someday. 

want to hear s'more?... 

Cold travel cups are my jam, i probably have enough for both of us, and can guarantee my husband wishes i'd stop buying them. I discovered my passion for wanting to make sure people 'never forget' their favorite memories, by capturing my own. When I have to choose between watching something new, or something i've seen one-thousand times, something familiar usually wins. I think elephants are the most regal animals on earth. I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan, and may have named my daughter after one of my favorite characters.

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